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Hunt photography is one of our specialist areas.Whether you ride to hounds or follow the beagles and minkhounds on foot.

Riders: We can attend meets, and follow for the day, for stunning images of your days sport.

Hunts: Want a memorable puppy show? We can attend and provide images of hounds, masters and guests to your requirements.

Subject to individual approval from the packs concerned, we can cover any hunt meet/ event in Europe.

Our latest and favourite product is a high quality hard backed book, full of photos of your hunting season.
The books are professionally produced for us, with the finest, heavy, quality paper and contain up to 200 photos of the seasons hunting from your particular hunt. They can be bought individually or in batches of 10 (at a better price) and given as special prizes, sold and auctioned to raise money for your hunt, or given as a unique and memorable gift.
Interested? Drop me a line for prices and availability.
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